At Minerva Hitech we provide the platform for the Performing art programs and encouraging our students as well outside students to participate and perform through our MHIS after School Activities (ASA) programs.

We conduct regularly the Indian Classical Music, Classical Dance, Drawing & Painting, Yoga and Guitar Classes.

Our After School Activities Programme aims to promote creativity, innovation and additional skills to students in the community.

ASA Offers

  • Basic & Advanced Robotics Design
  • Graphics and Animation Design
  • Classical Dance
  • Yoga
  • Indian Music
  • Drawing
  • Guitar


Mr.Selvakumarasamy DCT, B.TECH(IT) Industrialist/Educationalist/Visionary

Founder and Correspondent

Mrs.Muthulakshmi Selvakumarasamy DCSE, B.E(ECE), M.E(Applied Electronics), MBA (Technology Management), Dip. Montessori Technologist/Educationalist/Visionary

Mrs.MUTHULAKSHMI SELVAKUMARASAMY, Finished Diploma in Womens Polytechnic Chennai, B.E. In College of Engineering Guindy, M.E in Anna University Chennai and MBA in Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai. Working as Technical Director in LABTECH ELECTRONICS PVT.LTD. past 20 years Having experience of Design, Development, Technology Transfer and Technology commercialization in Engineering Educational products and Developed more than 1000 products to Engineering Educational Institutes and R & D institutes. Has Developed many high End Technical products and dedicated to Educational field like Wireless sensor networks, Ethernet based LAN network products, VLSI and Embedded based products, power electronics and process control equipments. Achieved best Women Entrepreneur award 2002 for her excellence in business and given Employment opportunity to more than 500 Employees. She Has Trained more than 500 engineering faculties and guided research scholars in the field of engineering and technology. Has conducted technical workshops and faculty development programs to various Engineering colleges and installed and lab equipments PAN India to many Stage and Central Government skill development organizations.
Current Research is in Renewable Energy, BMS, Power Sector and Cognitive Radio Networks.

Director's Message

Dear Parents,
We live in a world where the only constant is change.
As a nation, we have changed immensely in the past century and more so in the last decade with instant communication, global economy, digital explosion, nano technology and so on. However, many questions remain unanswered. How inclusive has the change been? Are there change agents to make this change sustainable?
Current education should lay less emphasis on book learning and more on preparing students to meet evolving challenges and changes with confidence. This requires a holistic approach that strengthens the students physically, emotionally and psychologically through hands on experiences.
Our unique ‘Learning by Doing’ methodology is the perfect answer. This method is based on our fervent wish to make childhood learning an enjoyable experience. Our education is a perfect blend of powerful methods of learning, broad based international curriculum and engagement of children in subjects of their interest for in-depth knowledge. In addition, we allow ample room and independence for students to develop their talents in sport, social responsibility and performing arts.
This is achieved through involved teaching, learning based dialogue, student involvement and experimental learning, which develops clarity of thought and promotes decisive action. Character building is an important responsibility we are entrusted with. We practice and so we inculcate the values necessary to make students pillars of integrity, compassion, ethical behaviour and fairness and respect.
Our education aims to equip students to become successful, responsible and happy citizens of the world who with steer the future course of the world with great care and wisdom. We envision an inclusive society where ‘change’ means betterment for and of all.