At MHIS Education is preparation for Life.

A complete education promotes academic excellence, character building, creativity, leadership, the spirit of enterprise and an international outlook. This is what education at MHIS achieves. Our value-driven multi-faceted education inculcates responsibility, resilience, confidence, tolerance and integrity empowering students to succeed in the highly competitive global milieu.

MHIS International Interacts

International exposure opens the world to the child. MHIS International Interacts offers global cross-cultural experiences through video conferences with students around the world. This interaction promotes healthy exchange of ideas, beliefs and experiences so an MHIS student is at ease on the global stage.

Education Expertise

We will follow the global best practices in education guided by a team of world-renowned educators who have excelled in education reform, curriculum development and teaching and learning practices. MHIS Professional Development Programme of self-evaluation helps teachers review and better their performance.


MHIS Education will be supported by a team of eminent, international advisors, which will include world leaders and experts who are “game-changers” and influencers on the global stage.

Parent Engagement Startegy

Parents’ real, active and consistent interest in the education of the child is the single biggest influencer of education. Our Parent Engagement Strategy promotes active parents participation in the student’s education with regular meetings, online updates and discussions. This adds an additional two or three years worth of education during the school years.

Career Counsellor

Counselling plays a vital role in moulding well-balanced students. Our Guidance Counsellor’s weekly meetings will include group session and individual counselling for students. Our Career Counsellor would advice students, staff and parents on academic options based on the requirements, aptitude and skills of students.