IGCSE Primary Programme- STD I to STD V (Age 6 to 9 years)

The passion for learning gained in the pre-primary stage will be encouraged and developed through more structured classes. Class teachers and subject specialists stretch the students’ thinking, developing their observation, questioning and investigation abilities across the curriculum.

The students develop the ability to make decisions and seek greater independence in their learning at this stage and we will stretch the range of challenges encouraging them to explore key topics across subject areas to develop in-depth understanding. Contextual teaching allows them to connect learning to the real world enhancing subject clarity.

Specialist teachers ensure communication level proficiency in at least three languages to equip students for an international career.
Social skills and confidence are developed through participation in school performances and various group activities.
The MHIS Enrichment Programme is carefully designed to offer a wide range of choices including academic, creative and sporting options. We aim to ignite new passions as well as extend existing interests and build skills to support future success.