• Success for all in the quest for knowledge and wisdom.


  • To evolve in relevant and measurable ways with the principles of Montessori education to benefit the children of the 21st century
  • To nurture the uniqueness of every child through a programme of learning that promotes challenging and personalized learning
  • To provide an enabling, inclusive environment which empowers all children to achieve
  • To encourage creative and critical thinking within the context of meaningful and stimulating experiences
  • To celebrate unity in the diversity of the school environment
  • To equip our children with skills and attributes required to become respectful and proactive citizens in our international community ensuring universal wellbeing.
  • To promote positive partnership between all stakeholders and the wider community



  • Excellence in education in an inspiring environment
  • Absolute respect for every student’s individual, independent and intellectual development
  • Self Development and Self Knowledge for holistic education
  • Appreciation of the Natural World
  • Leading through innovation
  • Eternal pursuit of excellence
  • Growth through Learning
  • Nurturing Global Citizenship